Peer Mentoring Program

Do you think you can be in the role of a mentor?

The Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) is designed to assist incoming freshmen in adjusting to the academic and social environment of the NIU campus. Each year the CHANCE program selects 100 newly admitted students to participate as mentees. PMP matches first-year freshmen with successful student mentors who are sophomores, juniors or seniors. The main objective of the program is to provide incoming freshmen with a successful role model, academic and social support and guidance as they make their transition to college life.


  • Provide mentees with one on one guidance and support through mentoring.
  • Enhance communication and interaction between mentors and mentees through organized group activities.
  • Link mentees with mentors of similar majors, career interests, ethnic backgrounds and/or similar life status.
  • Assist mentees in establishing appropriate study skills and habits through the modeling of the mentors.
  • Orient mentees to university resources, campus services and provide social support through the mentors.
  • Provide a credited training course for the peer mentors to enhance their leadership and mentoring skills.

Be a Mentor

  • Mentors may be sophomores, junior or seniors with a 2.7 or better Term and Cumulative GPA.
  • Mentors should be active in student organizations or University events.
  • Must be familiar with the resources of the NIU community.
  • Mentors are able to provide academic, social and emotional support to new students.
  • Mentors are eager to help new students adjust to the NIU campus and the academic demands of college and life away from home.

Mentee Benefits

  • Meet with successful NIU/CHANCE students.
  • Have someone to assist you in adjusting to NIU.
  • Learn practical study and time management skills from peers.
  • Have someone to support you and guide you from the student point of view.

Contact Information

For more information contact Debra Tewolde at 815-753-0500.

Contact Us

McKinley "Deacon" Davis CHANCE Program
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